Evolve Musicianship Faster To Unlock Your True Music Potential!

Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Ear Training Mp3's utilize binaural beats for meditation combined with musical intervals to help you reach a deep learning state in only 6 minutes!

1. Learn Music Intervals

Powerful Mp3's combine musical intervals in melodic and harmonic patterns with binaural beat technology. Music intervals become second nature faster with Music Tone Yoga music/meditation cross training.

2. Evolve Your Own Musical Voice

Focus that 'tune' that gets stuck in your head to experience ‘audiation’ your true sense of musical listening within. Evolve your own musical voice by learning music intervals faster and bring clear attention and focus to creating music.

3. Create Melody & Harmony Easily

Music Tone Yoga is a ‘no brainer’ for serious beginner to advanced musicians. Practice music using Mp3's anywhere to develop inner listening and play by ear, and on your instrument, much faster and better than ever before!

Learn Music Faster! Focus Your Sense Of Listening Within (aka Audiation)

Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Ear Training utilizes binaural beats combined with musical intervals to help you reach a deep learning state in 6 minutes! Experience simple, blissful, true musical discovery in every audio session.

Completely transform your ability to learn music faster and play music by ear. Tap into audiation; your musicianship within. Recognize musical elements lightning fast and transform your creativity into a spontaneous, authentic voice that is simply you!

Feel stress relief, mental focus, creativity, increase your music awareness quickly with Music Tone Yoga!  

  • Take control of your musical future. Gain a massively effective collection and essential variety of Music Tone Yoga.
  • Breakthrough to engage music on the deepest creative levels easily.
  • This is an enjoyable way to practice ear training that genuinely works and feels good!
  • After listening to a Music Tone Yoga session you feel like a witness within to your own creative intentions longing for more.
  • While that melody in your head becomes totally clear. It is your authentic voice.
  • The secret to Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Ear Training is in its profound simplicity.
  • While evolving your inner musicianship through a direct meditative experience, and it’s mind altering isochronic/binaural beat technology.
  • Helping to evolve you musically by building on an essential inner foundation. Evolving your ability to ‘Audiate’… That is your ‘inner ear’.
  • Make the choice to finally gain musical experience along with your inner freedom right now. For life.
  • Get quick, effective, lasting results that will change you forever. Be confident and enjoy music to the fullest.
  • Genuinely enjoy the most powerful possible musical practice any time. Day or night.

  6 to 18 minutes relaxing with Music Tone Yoga will change your musical understanding instantly and forever! I honestly can’t say this enough… I’m always shocked after listening to an Music Tone Yoga audio session how super refreshed I am. And how clear in my mind I have a new musical perspective.

Be Your Own Evolution Of Music

Be among the pioneering generation for Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Ear Training. Gain lifetime access to this direct musical experience now at truly exceptional value. Thanks for supporting Music Tone Yoga!   mty-testimonials-2015

Listen For Yourself

audiation-edwin-e-gordonMusic Tone Yoga is based on this book: Preparatory Audiation, Audition, and Music Learning Theory – A Handbook of A Comprehensive Music Learning Sequence by Edwin E. Gordon PhD.

After using Music Tone Yoga I started creating new music in my true authentic voice. This is the best proof I can offer it works. https://soundcloud.com/fight-for-your-heart


Edwin E. Gordon

Edwin E. Gordon

Prepatory Audiation, Audiation and Music Learning

"We have no regrets! After using your product my business skyrocketed! I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours! I couldn't have asked for more than this."

Steven Friedberg

Steven Friedberg

Music Tone Yoga Customer

As I was driving into work this morning I was copying singing phrases from a CD with more confidence than ever. My sound system in my car allows me to pause the music so I have a chance to digest each phrase (audiate internally) before singing it. I am sure your stuff is helping me greatly.

Mary Ellen Pinzino

Mary Ellen Pinzino

Letters On Music Learning

The phenomenon is "audiation", a way of knowing in melody and rhythm. It is a unique human capacity outside the realm of words. To audiate is to "think" music, but in melody and rhythm rather than in words. Audiation is another way of knowing.

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