1. What if you really knew how to play by ear?

  • You could communicate music
  • You could share musicianship
  • You would have instant creativity
  • You would have clear motivation
  • You will recognize musical talent
  • You will discover a deeper purpose and meaning in music, yet also for life


2. Would playing music by ear inspire your life in a new musical direction?

I created Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Ear Training for this very reason. To enjoy the free awareness and fun while practicing music. To include a deeper listening approach for human beings who appreciate music. And to help facilitate music for everyone who wants to learn to play by ear.

3. Are you meant to be a creative artist or musician?

Yes. To be human is to be an artist. Creativity is inherent in human beings and in the universe itself.

4. What does it mean to know your true Self?

Cultivation of mind, body AND Spirit in self, culture and nature. The healthy integration of wisdom and compassion. Your choice to unfold a deeper awareness and live in a healthy balance.

5. Why is music linked to yoga a very powerfully means of learning?

Yoga is a ‘means’ or ‘tool’; a metaphorical ‘link’ or ‘bridge’. Music Tone Yoga is a learning tool for cultivating a ‘sense of listening within’ to help you audiate, therefore understand how to literally ‘play by ear’ – music on your instrument or singing voice. Imagine what this can mean for musicians, and take a simple action to yield profoundly real results.

6. How do I actually learn to audiate and eventually master relative pitch?

As you relax into a soothing session with simple, angelic sustained choral and piano tones and centering isochronic or binaural beats, you benefit from becoming increasingly conscious of your ‘inner ear’ and may create any musical element of choice this way. Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Ear Training triggers a natural flow state for deeper listening and manifests the ability to play by ear through this simple practice.

7. Why is Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Ear Training working so well?

Music Tone Yoga makes use of a tool to link to your creative potential. Isochronic tones together with ‘core musical elements’ of rhythm, melody and harmony is highly effective to entrain and open ‘musical sense’ states of being quickly, combining a number of highly effective audio instruments into downloads of seamless ear training.

8. How does Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Music Training use Isochronic tones and Binaural beats most effectively?

The mind manifests a phenomenon leading to low frequency pulsations within two tones at barely different frequencies are introduced individually, one to each ear, utilizing stereo headphones, the effect links to your creative potential as if the two tones combine naturally, out of the brain.

The distinction between these two frequencies have to be small (beneath about 30 Hz) for the impact to happen; in any other case, the two tones will probably be heard separately and no beat will likely be perceived. The entrainment of brainwaves and can be utilized to provide concentration, relaxation, creativity and other wellness benefits.

9. What components make up an actual Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Ear Training audio session?

The multi-sample is optimized to interact in a vast frequency range. An upper frequency catalyst gently tickles the higher reaches of every audio sample. A soothing chime rings by means of the upper middle frequency range. A grand piano fills out the center frequencies. Isochronic tones and Binaural beats pulses middle to lower frequencies. Musical patterns positioned intend tone patterns and rhythms concurrently. A smooth pink noise carrier rounds out an audio multi-sample, tweaked for optimal creativity and learning.

10. Why is cross training yoga with music truly evolutionary?

Training with each audio session powerfully speeds up development of ‘sense of listening within’ by which you authentically are conscious of core music elements and rhythm patterns. This process is called ‘audiation’ and evolves good music ears.

11. Can anyone benefit from Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Ear Training?

Yes. Complete beginner’s, intermediate and expert musicians will benefit tremendously from this training. Anyone interested in yoga, even non-musicians will benefit by deeper natural listening.

The training is accompanied by the ‘Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Ear Training’ User Guide, which takes you step-by-step how to how to best enjoy an actual session for optimum results.

12. Is Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Ear Training created for musicians by a musician?

Yes. As a long time musician and practitioner of meditation, I knew this cross training would bring together my musical potential. I created this product realizing it was to not be discovered else where. I crossed Online searching for nearly two years, but it didn’t exist.