Play Music By Ear! Learn How To Truly Open Your Musical Being ‘Sense Of Listening Within’ (aka Audiation)

Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Ear Training utilizes Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones combined with musical intervals to help you reach an altered state in 6 minutes! Simple, blissful, true musical discovery in every audio session. Completely transform your ability to play music by ear. Tap into audiation; your musicianship within. Transform creativity into a spontaneous, authentic voice that is simply you! Feel stress relief, mental focus, creativity, increase your music awareness quickly with Music Tone Yoga!


  • Take control of your musical future. Gain a massively effective collection and essential variety of Music Tone Yoga.
  • Breakthrough to engage music on the deepest creative levels easily.
  • This is an enjoyable way to practice ear training that genuinely works and feels good!
  • After listening to a Music Tone Yoga session you feel like a witness within to your own creative intentions longing for more.
  • While that melody in your head becomes totally clear. It is your authentic voice.
  • The secret to Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Ear Training is in its profound simplicity.
  • While evolving your inner musicianship through a direct meditative experience, and it’s mind altering isochronic/binaural beat technology.
  • Helping to evolve you musically by building on an essential inner foundation. Evolving your ability to ‘Audiate’… That is your ‘inner ear’.
  • Make the choice to finally gain musical experience along with your inner freedom right now. For life.
  • Get quick, effective, lasting results that will change you forever. Be confident and enjoy music to the fullest.
  • Genuinely enjoy the most powerful possible musical practice any time. Day or night.


6 to 18 minutes relaxing with Music Tone Yoga will change your musical understanding instantly and forever! I honestly can’t say this enough… I’m always shocked after listening to an Music Tone Yoga audio session how super refreshed I am. And how clear in my mind I have a new musical perspective.

Be Your Own Evolution Of Music

Be among the pioneering generation for Music Tone Yoga * Evolutionary Ear Training. Gain lifetime access to this direct musical experience now at truly exceptional value. Thanks for supporting Music Tone Yoga!



Listen For Yourself

audiation-edwin-e-gordonMusic Tone Yoga is based on this book: Preparatory Audiation, Audition, and Music Learning Theory – A Handbook of A Comprehensive Music Learning Sequence by Edwin E. Gordon PhD.

After using Music Tone Yoga I started creating new music in my true authentic voice. This is the best proof I can offer it works. https://soundcloud.com/fight-for-your-heart